21 Tactics to Acquire Customers
for Your Business

ReferralCandy did a great job turning Andrew Dumont's post "How to Grow: 21 Tactics To Acquire Customers" into a visual slide deck, making it easier to digest and skim through the ideas to see which ones you can apply to your business. Not all 21 tactics will apply to all businesses, depending if you're a service provider or a SaaS business or a retailer, some tactics will be beneficial for you and some will not make sense to implement.

The point is, you know your business and your customers so take the time to review all 21 tactics and understand which ones you can begin implementing into your marketing strategy.

Start with only one (1) tactic to make sure you implement it correctly and effectively. Most of the time it's the poor implementation that ruins marketing strategy by trying to do everything, while in the end you fail at everything. Pick one tactic and brutally focus on that tactic. If it fits your target market and your business, I can guarantee it will deliver new customers for your business.

Author: ReferralCandy

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