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Communication Analysis for Customer Success

Learn how the analysis of customer communication can surface the patterns and trends you need to drive customer success. Video by Gainsight.

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Dont Leave Talent Assessment to Chance

Dont Leave Talent Assessment to Chance Share It With Others! Join Our Community! Author: CPP Curated Course Topics: Human Resources

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Guy Kawasaki: How to Use Social Media as an Evangelist for Your Business

Guy Kawasaki shows how to use social media as an evangelist for your business using his own experience and examples at the MIT Enterprise Forum San Diego.

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Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

Guy Kawasaki explains the top ten mistakes that entrepreneurs make from inception to exit during the UC Berkeley Startup Competition (Bplan).

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Courting and Cross-selling: The Secrets of Low-churn SaaS Firms

This Gainsight webinar reveals the secrets of low-churn SaaS companies and the latest research from McKinsey into SaaS companies serving large and mid-enterprise customers.

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Lean Startup: Why It Rocks Far More Than Agile Development

Lean Startup is a disciplined, scientific and capital efficient method for discovering and building products and services that people love. In this talk by Joshua Kerievsky, you’ll learn why this decade will be dominated by the Lean Startup method and what you can do to make it a part of your process.

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How to Become a Better Negotiator

Whether you’re negotiating a job offer, consulting services for professional training, or the training and development budget for your employees, learning the skills and behaviors needed to improve your negotiation prowess will benefit you and everyone you may be representing.

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