Building Outbound Sales Through Predictable Revenue with Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue, has created a framework for lead generation that brings in predictable revenue without cold calling. For Ross, predictable revenue is all about peace of mind. Why stress every single day about your sales numbers when there are predictable ways to generate leads and revenue?

In this presentation, Ross discusses the five fatal mistakes that hold companies back from generating predictable revenue:

1. Not taking responsibility for your own sales system

According to Ross, the average sales team attrition rate is about 20-27%. But if you’re losing more than 10% of your sales team, then something is wrong. Typically, it’s the sales system, not the people, which hold businesses back from real growth.

2. Not picking a niche

Some companies try to be and do all for their customers. This is a mistake. Your company should not be trying to win over every customer. If your company is too broad and not focused enough, it will struggle. Ask yourself, what are you be the best at? That’s your niche.

3. Thinking that your sales team drives growth

In today’s sales environment, the sales team does not control growth; lead generation does! Even if you have the perfect sales process, if your lead generation isn't good, you won’t do well. Ross also urges companies to pay attention to all types of lead generation, rather than putting all time and energy into just one.

4. Thinking about what you want instead of what the customer wants

When you’re marketing your company and speaking to customers, you need to talk in a language that they can understand. Customers don’t care what you do; they care about what you can do for them. Rather than thinking about what you do/offer, consider how you help customers and what results you can create.

5. Not specializing your sales team enough

Like any sports team, your sales team should have certain people focus on particular skills. One person cannot do it all and still be successful. By specializing your sales team and letting each person do what they’re best at, you can create predictable revenue.

In the end, predictable revenue can mean the difference between getting slightly better numbers and making a huge difference in your revenue. The tips Ross offers in this presentation can help you identify where your company can improve.

Editor's Note: I highly recommend Predictable Revenue for all businesses, even if you do not have a sales team yet. It's one of the best books I've read about sales and revenue.

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