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One of the best ways to ensure that your message is reaching the audience you intended is to adopt the practice of amplification. Amplification simply means to take your existing content and then to amplify that content through different channels (content distribution). Your own personal websites, may not have the traffic and thus you don't have the “amplification” that you are needing in order to get your message out, but other channels and strategies like the ones Barry Feldman covers in this webinar and ebook, will help to better amplify that content across many platforms.

Taking a look at paid, earned and owned media will help give you a better idea of the options available. Understanding the different marketing strategies is the first step toward amplifying your content. In this video Barry helps you understand the difference between paid, earned and owned media and the different outcomes they can create for you.

Paid Media

Paid media is the old fashioned advertising practice of paying for placement. Why does it still work? Because money still talks. Purchasing space or exposure puts your message or brand in front of the right eyeballs at the right time.

Paid media includes advertising on social media platforms. One such venue is Facebook Boosted Posts. For a small investment Facebook will make sure that people are being exposed to your content. There are also similar offers through Twitter and other social media platforms.

Other forms of paid media include Pay-Per-Click services such as Google AdWords. These types of services still produce impressive leads and returns on your investment, if leveraged properly.

Earned Media

Earned media differs from paid media in that you invest no money for placement or exposure, however, through consistently creating great content you capture the attention of others who want to share your content for you and with you. In order to do this you must first have created a type of name for yourself, however, once you begin garnering some earned media opportunities you can start to see a great positive return.

Some of the best and easiest forms of earned media are guest blogging. Guest blogging is relatively simple and because the very nature of blogging is about sharing, most editors want guest bloggers. “I share you, you share me. Everyone is happy.” Simple searches using terms such as “write for us” plus your business niche will help you find blogs that are looking for guests.

Owned Media

Owned media is usually defined as a channel you control. But the amount of control can vary. This would include your own website and blog. Once other forms of amplification start kicking in, you can expect traffic to begin flowing back to your site. Your site should be highly sharable through social media buttons. Your email campaigns are also owned media, so you should make sure that you are executing that vehicle to its best potential as well.

Don’t forget that your employees are an important type of owned media as well as they provide the tried and true ancient advertising, word of mouth. Make sure that your employees understand the importance of engaging audiences everywhere.

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