Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect by Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross, author of the "Predictable Revenue", hosted by SalesCoach: Turn your business into a sales machine with the $100 million best practices of Salesforce.com.

In this webinar recording with Aaron Ross the author of Predictable Revenue you will:

  • Learn the three new key concepts to help you build a 2013 sales machine with zero cold calls.
  • Learn two new and innovative concepts to help you generate as many qualified leads as you need for 2013.
  • Learn how to create predictable revenue to meet your sales goal
  • In addition, get to know what Jim Dunn & John Schuman of (SalesCoach / Common Sense Selling) have learned themselves +after 20 years of making cold calls and teaching thousands of sales people.

Additional Reading

Editor's Note: I highly recommend Predictable Revenue for all businesses, even if you do not have a sales team yet. It's one of the best books I've read about sales and revenue.

Author: Aaron Ross

Curated Course

Topics: Sales


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