WordPress 101 Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of WordPress with over 40 video tutorials.

The Dashboard »

Learn the basics features of dashboard and toolbar.

Posts »

Learn how to create and manage your blog posts.

Pages »

Learn how to create and manage website pages.

Media Library »

Learn how to use media library to manage your images and other files.

Working With Images »

Learn how to upload, edit and manage images.

The Visual Editor »

Learn how to edit and style text using visual editor.

Organizing Content »

Learn how to use categories and tags to organize your content.

Managing Comments »

Learn how to edit, manage and reply to comments easily.

Appearance »

Learn how to change themes, manage widgets and menus.

Users, Tools, and Settings »

Learn how to manage users and manage general settings.

Got WordPress Questions?

We got you covered! Simply ask your question in Thrive Community and we'll be more than happy to answer. If you have WordPress Care, you can always email our support for more personalized support.


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